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Integrated Approach

Just as diversity is our biggest strength, the synergies between our strategic business units have been the key driver of our success. Our operations have been conceptually linked from the point of establishment to result in sustainable growth as an enterprise. A legacy spanning back 150 years stands as clear evidence of our long-term sustainability as a business.


With the launch of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030, all governments, businesses and citizens were called to collectively eliminate all forms of poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change. We were able to identify relevant SDGs, embedding them into our existing business strategies as fundamental functions of the business.

SDGs relevant to the Aitken Spence business:

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We identified relevant SDGs that we could utilize to further strengthen our group synergies while improving the efficiency of group-wide policies. Just as we had integrated our diversified businesses for over 150 years, we understood the importance of an integrated approach that would manage trade-offs between business units and maximize synergies to reach targets. We analyzed the connections at goal level and business level, and have rolled-out a comprehensive, heavily-integrated sustainability strategy that helps stakeholders at all levels understand synergies, priorities and trade-offs to accelerate our sustainable progress. 


Apart from the SDGs, we are also guided by the following frameworks that have been voluntarily adopted:

  • 10 United Nations Global Compact Principles
  • 07 Women’s Empowerment Principles
  • GRI Standards for Sustainability Reporting (SoFi Sustainability Management Software implemented across all subsidiaries for integrated performance management across entire value and accurate reporting)
  • International Benchmarks and Standards across all management systems (ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard is essential for all business units at Aitken Spence)
  • The Human Rights Protection Framework developed by the Business Leaders Initiative on Human Rights (BLIHR) as a guide for integrating human rights concerns into business management